How does intuitive counseling work?

Living in a world of information, we are constantly in a state of receiving from our physical senses. Intuition is about accessing and interpreting an additional layer of information that exists all around us. As a clairvoyant, your energy (AKA: astral body) is visible to me, and that's where the real work begins. Unlike traditional counseling, there aren't any intake forms or sessions where we review your history. Intuitive counseling is both gentle and direct, by reading the astral information as existing in your physical (Earth) body.

The best part about this, is YOU are in charge. Make sure you bring questions to the session, because I will only read the information that you want me to look at. There is a stigma that psychics often take a harsh or shocking approach to their practice by exposing, or "outing" their client. My work is based around going at your pace - it is all about recognizing the individuality of each person's journey. Most of my reading is done "cold" without any divination tools, but some of the things that I call on to get more information are: tarot cards, stone runes, meditation techniques, and pendulums. 

Runes are one of the divination tools I use in my practice

Runes are one of the divination tools I use in my practice

How is she different?

Ethical practice is my number one priority for myself and my clients. Every time we open ourselves up to a practitioner of any type - be it a therapist, psychic, astrologer, or doctor - we are in a vulnerable state. I base my practice on the idea that vulnerability is sacred, and demands respect. We all know those television shows where a psychic approaches a stranger and starts telling them about their deceased relative. In my practice, this is considered completely unethical and potentially trauma-inducing. As a practitioner, it is my job to work as ethically and safely as possible with my clients. Respecting your personal boundaries will always be at the core of my personal values both as a practitioner, and as a fellow human being.