Why All Psychics are NOT Created Equal

If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel, then you have probably seen a video of me discussing the variances of different psychics. As with any practitioner the ethics, approach, and information are often very different. The tools we use, the questions (or lack there of) have a wide range of possibilities. That being said… not all psychics are created equal. 

Psychics don’t all use the same tools.

If you’re wondering what I mean, go back and read my post “what the hell is a divination tool?” Some psychics use palmistry, some crystal balls, some tarot cards… the list goes on. Some do straight up cold reads (like myself) which means the sky is the limit unless there is some type of method to this madness (which is what I teach). The bottom line here, is that there’s variability in the information psychics receive - although you’ll probably find a great deal of consistency in certain elements of your life that you have read. 

They don’t all have the same boundaries. 

Unfortunately, there are many psychics who are are in this line of work purely for the “shock value,” rather than the healing. That means we now have a bunch of intuitives walking around aspiring to be the Long Island Medium without realizing they could be traumatizing people left and right. I know that I can be preachy about ethics, and this is why - people’s sense of emotional health and safety is paramount in my practice. Violating this can be a death sentence as a practitioner… I’ve seen it happen. 

Let’s face it, psychics can be scary! I’m not going to deny that people are often scared when I use the “p” word, and I do my best to avoid using language that frightens people. But the stereotype isn’t reality for many of us… A big part of the work I do is busting this myth, and helping people understand that we come in all shades of ethics and boundaries, contrary to what Hollywood portrays. 

Ethics, ethics, ethics

Listen… I’m perfectly fine being the “hall monitor” of psychics. There are countless times when I have to coach people on using their intuition without scaring others. I can’t help but roll my eyes when I see a highly sensitive person trying to build a practice, but neglecting to consider the fact that they aren’t respecting boundaries. 

“I just told her that her dead grandmother was trying to deliver a message! I don’t know why she thinks I’m scary.” 

I hate to break it to you, but she probably didn’t want to hear anything about her grandmother, and it’s not your place nor your business to communicate that to her. Did she ask you to read her grandmother? No? So you just decided it would be a good idea to remind her of whatever grief she’s experienced or experiencing? You really don’t know why that would be scary? 

People like privacy. Psychics are known for violating that. That makes us come across as scary, DUH. 

Being able to “know” things about people or the future isn’t always a blessing, sometimes it’s a true curse, and a heavy, heavy burden. It’s our responsibility to manage our gifts and use them appropriately. Our gifts are a practice, a constant evolution that takes time to develop. 

As human beings, we have personalities. 

The stereotype here is that all psychics are illusive, mysterious, whimsical, blah blah blah. That’s a load of shit. 

I’m direct, personable, assertive, communicative, and driven. My best friend (also psychic) is super fun, compassionate, and creative. The point is that despite our varying personalities, we are both psychic and our personalities shine through in our readings. Our personalities change the readings, for no other reason than the differences in the way we deliver information are interpreted differently. 

In gratitude,

Rev. Sydney Finn 

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