3 Tips for Choosing a Psychic

I’m convinced that one of the biggest reasons why people have “scary” experiences with psychics is because they don’t actively choose one that would be a good fit for them. Instead, they waltz into a shop with a random psychic and ask for a reading. Similar to picking a doctor, lawyer, or therapist, it’s a good idea to do some homework on the psychic that you’re wanting to work with. If you were picking a lawyer, you may want to know where they studied, what type of law they specialize in, and perhaps look at some of the cases they won, or speak to their former clients. Choosing a psychic or energetic counselor shouldn’t be any different. Here are some strategies for picking the right psychic for you.

Listen to their language.

Is there any way you can watch video of them, or at least find something they’ve written? If so, find anything you can get your hands on to get a feel for their voice, it will give you an almost immediate feel for how they practice. Not everyone’s language is the same, and has potential to be programming heavy (AKA: not allowing you to think for yourself). Getting a feel for their voice will help you decide whether or not they are someone who you will be able to connect with.

Similar to their language, will be the tools that they use - you may want to check out what divination tools they use (check out my blog post here if you don’t know what a divination tool is). Are they a tarot reader, channeler, palm reader, astrologer? In my opinion, I would recommend staying away from channelers only because they can be scary and it is rarely - if ever - done safely. Think about those people on ghost shows who allow themselves to be possessed by spirits on the property - their voice changes, someone or something is speaking through them… yeah… it’s scary... but more on that another time.

The other aspect of language is how their personality shines through in their readings - I wrote about this last week. There are plenty of differences in each psychic, so you will want to pick one that resonates with you and is able to connect with you - assess their personality to determine whether it is a good match for your own. 

Make sure you feel safe.

Do they come across as threatening, dangerous, or scary? This is YOUR intuition, and it’s imperative that you listen to it when choosing a spiritual practitioner. As I mentioned in the tip above, not every psychic will resonate with you on a language or personality level; but if you feel unsafe in any capacity, I recommend looking for another practitioner. 

In terms of safety, look for characteristics like playfulness, ability to facilitate a reading that allows you to think for yourself, and sense of humor. Do they treat their readings and personal style as if it’s gospel? For example, I experienced my very first online troll recently who told me that I’m not truly connected with my cards because I don’t read the ones that fall out of the deck as I shuffle. In reality, every tarot reader is different and just like everyone else, my style may not resonate with everyone. Some people love my readings and the work that I do, others don’t. It is all up to you whether or not you enjoy certain readers and that is okay. Not every practitioner is going to resonate with you or feel “safe,” so listen to your intuition and take time to find a practitioner that’s a good fit.  

Do they respect their gifts?

“Here, hold my drink. I’ll start channeling spirits.”

I can’t tell you how many psychics treat their gifts as if they are cool party tricks to throw around. There is nothing that bothers me more in the psychic community than those who take it upon themselves to show off their gifts simply for shock value, and invade strangers’ privacy left and right. It’s unsafe, rude, and down right arrogant. Respect and boundaries are essential when you’re looking for a practitioner: energetic work can quickly become messy, so choose wisely. Psychic gifts and abilities demand respect, don’t forget that. Respect for the work, for the clients, and the process are essential. Without that, all hell can break loose. 

I think Albert Hofmann put it best when he spoke about respecting hallucinogenic drugs, there are so many parallels with the way he describes “valuable medicines” (LSD and psilocybin) and psychic abilities.

“That is the great tragedy, that these valuable medicines were not always respected and not always understood. So, the psychedelics came to be feared, and were taken out of the hands of responsible investigators and psychiatrists. It was a great loss for medicine and psychiatry, and for mankind. Hopefully, it is not too late to learn from these mistakes, and to demonstrate the proper and respectful way psychedelics should be used.”

-Albert Hofmann

A-Freaking-Men Albert!

So much gratitude,

Rev. Sydney Finn