5 Habits of Healthy Psychics

As with every practitioner of all varieties, some psychics have healthy practices and some do not. If you consider yourself to be sensitive or psychic, try taking these things into consideration for both your personal wellbeing and harnessing your intuition. If you are seeking a practitioner, keep these things in mind when you are searching for one. 

1. They don’t feel responsible for their clients.

This isn’t exactly what you’re thinking. When giving insight and advice to clients, it can quickly turn into an attempt to control what other people decide to do. At some point we all become guilty of this - knowing what would make someone feel better, but not being able to make them take action is incredibly frustrating as a healer. As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water...

I will be the first to admit that NOT fixing things for others takes practice and is not easy in the beginning, but it is essential for remaining neutral during sessions. This keeps your practice ethical, and will help you build trust. If I didn’t follow this advice, then I would probably feel the need to tell clients “see, if you had listened to me a year ago, you wouldn’t be in this situation,” but that’s rude and terribly judgmental. Thankfully, if you practice reducing your feelings of responsibility for others, these impulses go away.  

When you relieve yourself of the responsibility of what others do, you are then able to free yourself of the judgements that go along with them. People have their own path and their own journey on this planet, as ethical practitioners, it is OUR responsibility to respect that. 

2. They respect their moods and emotions.

Healthy intuitives and holistic practitioners will honor the moods and emotions that we experience. This may seem like a no brainer, but it’s common to find “spiritual” people who invalidate feelings, or set a goal to not have any. This simply isn’t productive. When something upsets you, there’s no reason to wrap it up in a neat package and tuck it away. Allow yourself to experience it.

As my mentor says, “if you feel it, you heal it.” 

A good friend of mine called me not long ago in tears, upset that she wasn’t invited to a close friend’s wedding because of another person. This bride-to-be had been in her life for over twenty years, and was preparing to celebrate a huge moment in her relationship, and my friend wasn’t invited… Ouch. I listened with a sympathetic ear and calmly told her it was okay to be upset by this. She proceeded to tell me that everyone else told her to not be upset by it, and invalidated her reaction to the news. 

This completely baffles me. We are allowed to be upset by things, even if it’s irrational, that doesn’t mean it's invalid or wrong. It’s something we still experience, occasionally the things that we are upset by, may be worth looking into… but most of the time, once we allow ourselves to experience it, we are able to shift it out of our body and heal. 

Your feelings are valid. Period.

3. They take care of their body.

It’s obvious that we all need to take care of our bodies, that is true for all people of all shapes, sizes, and intuitive levels. However, diet, exercise, and substances affect highly intuitive people differently. Doing psychic work can manifest in physical ailments. There are countless practitioners who have trouble walking, suffer chronic fatigue, and a whole other collection of strange “vague” health problems. 

There are a few things going on with the physical manifestation of ailments, but one way to help combat these is keeping your body in optimal physical condition. It keeps us grounded, in our body, and is an excellent outlet. 

Now, for substances, these directly impact reading information. Whether it be caffeine, alcohol, or something harsher, they all change the way we are able to read. Back when I drank lots of coffee, I always thought it made me sharper, and made my reads more accurate… the joke was on me. My reads were far less accurate as I discovered later. 

None of this means that we can’t enjoy occasional treats, a morning cup of coffee, a lazy weekend watching movies, or a couple beers. The real reason for bringing this up is so that you can pay attention to your own body and intuition. The next time you over indulge, or have that extra cup of coffee, really pay attention to your energy levels and clarity throughout the entire day, and even a few days after. 

4. They express themselves.

Outlets are one of the most important things for initiatives, whether it be literal artwork and creation, or expression through communication to others. 

There is nothing worse than a psychic with bottled up feelings. Seriously… Whether it be turning to substances and attempting to drown out the feelings, a violent emotional explosion, or spiraling depression, intuitives have a tendency to amplify their own emotions if there's no outlet.

For those who aren’t quite as sensitive, this might show up to a lesser degree, they key thing here is that intuitives, as healers, will take on the weight of the world if not expressed... it can get ugly. 

Healthy psychics understand this about themselves, and take precautions to avoid getting to this point. 

5. They maintain personal boundaries. 

They say “no” when necessary. They follow ethical boundaries in their work and personal life. They know when doing something will overextend themselves. 

Now, I will warn, that setting personal boundaries and applying them will not sit well with certain people. It triggers other people’s own inability to stand up for themselves and say "no." As healers, we are prone to getting taken advantage of and having our good nature abused by those who are closest to us - and even clients or patients if we aren’t careful. Being of service in this world is a great thing, and there is no reason why you should sacrifice yourself in that process. You will be of more value to your friends, family, and the people you interact with if you are properly taking care of yourself. 

When I first started applying this in my own life, I was called selfish, and told that I need to give more “just because that’s what you do.” I’m here to tell you that’s bullshit. Just think about this, someone actually told me I needed to do more when my entire career revolves around being of service… do you see the problem? Having the ability to say “no” is one of the most valuable skills you can possibly develop; and more than likely, you’re going to have to tell a relative “no.” You will get some negative reactions, and people won’t know how to exploit you anymore. This is not easy to do, but the payoff is enormous. People will begin to respect you and your time. More importantly, they will stop taking advantage of you. 

This comes down to respect. Respect for yourself, your body, your boundaries, and your time. You are such a valuable force on this planet, don’t let anyone treat you otherwise. 

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In Gratitude,

Rev. Sydney Finn