4 Misconceptions About Psychics

Believe it or not, the way psychics (AKA: healers, witches, intuitives) are portrayed on television and in books is not the way we are in real life. You know… they’re almost exclusively poor, dress in rags and will tell you your future if you lick their palm. Half the time they’re blind, crazy or both; and they always force the protagonist of the story into a radical life change. Allow me to bust a few myths for you.

1. We don’t all wear turbans, burn sage, and read crystal balls.

I’m convinced that one of the things that gives psychics a fear factor to the general public, is the eccentric style of dress that seems to set them apart from the “normal” people (think: Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter). Honestly, I do not personally know a single psychic, medium, palm reader, or tarot reader who meets the Hollywood standard of what psychics look like (and I know a ton of psychics). Granted, I bet you could find a particularly eccentric one if you went walking down the boardwalk in Venice Beach… but Venice is a pretty eccentric place to begin with, so it sells well there. 

Of course some of us have a style that could give off a witchy vibe. I have a good friend who reads tarot and is notorious for having hot pink hair. Personally, I’m fond of combat boots and black button downs, but beyond that… I have yet to see a turban and crystal ball appear during a reading. 

As for sage, yes I occasionally burn it, but it’s not conditional for being a psychic…

2. We don’t know everything and we aren’t always right about the future. 

People seem to have a hard time with this reality. I can hear the whining now, “but you’re psychic, aren’t you supposed to have all the answers?” Let’s be clear… that’s an extreme oversimplification of what actually goes on during a reading. 

We are not all-knowing, higher level beings with all the collective knowledge of all the universes and paradigms in existence… we’re people. Some psychics have huge egos, some have low self esteem, some are ethical and accurate, and some aren’t. One thing that is true, is that we ALL have a different style of receiving and interpreting information. That is absolutely unique to each psychic. There have been countless times when I have been right about the future or outcome of a situation, but to say that as a psychic I am 100% correct 100% of the time - that’s just silly. 

Think about it like this: You book a session with me, and during our time you ask if you will get job X or job Y, and I tell you “it looks like you’re going to get job X” but you never fill out any applications for the jobs… Was that inaccuracy on my part, despite reading the information that appeared as a result to this question? Or is it a matter of free will? After all, you didn’t ask me if you would fill out the applications, you asked which job you would get. The question itself is conditional on you filling out job applications, and each psychic has a different ethical approach which would result in a slightly different answer. 

That’s just skimming the surface of accuracy, but as you can see... it gets sticky. 

3. No, it’s not the art of conning people. 

Psychics are psychics and con artists are con artists. Period. End of story. 

I recently had an experience where I saw a friend that I haven’t spoken to in years. When I told her what I do, she asked me where I see clients. Since I had just moved, I told her that I’m only doing phone sessions for the time being; and she looked at me, completely confused. “Well don’t you need to see what they’re wearing or have something to go off of?” I practically fell off my chair when she asked me that. 

I definitely understand why people have this question, but even so, I couldn’t help but feel slightly insulted that a friend of mine honestly thought I was blowing smoke and conning people out of their money. In all honesty, I wouldn’t know the first thing about conning people, even if I google searched every single one of my clients before their sessions… what would I even do with knowing your dog’s name or the city you live in? At best, that information is used as a party trick or superficial way to impress people, but it doesn’t go much farther than that. 

I should probably dedicate an entire post or perhaps series of posts to this topic. But before I wrap this up, let me leave you with this… If all psychics were truly con artists, then why would so many people find value in getting readings and keep coming back? Con artists can only get so far…

4. We aren’t all crazy, blind, old women living on the outskirts of town. 

Despite each psychic having their own individual struggles, most of us can lead pretty standard lives so long as our intuition is being channeled in the right ways (otherwise it can become particularly destructive). We have jobs, friends, families, pets, hobbies, favorite snacks, you name it… Being psychic has its own set of challenges when it comes to the day to day living, but as for us all being old, mentally unstable, rejected outcasts? Not so much. 

I could sit and break down psychics into different categories and explain all the patterns that show up with being a healer on this planet, but that’s not the point. The point here, is that for hundreds of years, we’ve been socially programmed to believe that healers (AKA: witches) are dangerous, and being a healer on this planet is not acceptable. 

It’s the stigma of “if you practice your healing work, society will banish you, and you will never be able to live an abundant, happy life.” Of course all of this makes sense: consider how many healers had to go into hiding during the witch trials. No wonder all the “witches” live in huts on the outskirts of town in the movies. This is an old, outdated, but collective story that still exists today. 

So many of the misconceptions about psychics are some of the biggest reasons why it took me years to come out and tell people about my gifts. Hopefully I was able to clear some of this up for you, or possibly give you confidence to own your intuitive self! 

Are there any misconceptions about psychics that you’ve experienced? I would love to hear about them on Facebook. 

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With Gratitude,

Rev. Sydney Finn