Ritual 7: Intuition Stones

Day 7

Intuition Stones

For those times when you want to reconnect with your intuition.

This is one of the few rituals that I was really looking forward to, but even for me, this one takes practice. Developing your intuition with stones is a different way to receive information so this does take some time and patience to develop yourself, even if you're used to receiving information through tarot cards or simply cold reads. Keep in mind that if you regularly meditate or receive information from the stones that you use during this ritual, you will likely have an easier time with this. 

Honestly, I really enjoyed this ritual because it helped me exercise a side of my intuition that I haven't explored before. I would recommend that anyone who hasn't worked with this medium of intuition give it a shot simply to see what it feels like. 

My experience with this was a little strange. I was able to tune in with myself and get my energy running before I asked to receive information from the stones, so I was well grounded and well prepared. Oddly enough, I wasn't fully able to translate clear messages that are coming from the stones, but the ones I used were full of energy and information. This exercise felt like using a new intuitive language.

For the first time I've tried this, I was able to tell that the stones are chatty, but it's very strange feeling that the information is there, but disorganized and in need of receptivity. This process (for me) felt like trying to tune into a radio station that I wasn't able to get crystal clear reception from. 

Patience and consistency is the key to making this ritual work for you and being able to receive clear information from each stone. If you feel that the nine stones overwhelm you, it is perfectly okay to do this ritual with a single stone at a time. 

What you need:

Intuition Crystals.jpg
  • nine small stones that you hand picked
  • purple candle


  1. Comfortably sit and light your candle.
  2. Notice your body and release any points of tension, allowing your mind to wander freely.
  3. Place the stones in a pleasing arrangement near the candle.
  4. With conviction, repeat:
  5. "Stones of old, ancient, and wise, bring intuition to my eyes." 
  6. Pick up the stones and hold them in your hands.

  7. Close your eyes and notice the messages that come to you. They could come in the form of imagery in your 3rd eye, a single word/phrase, or even a color. Be open to your intuition popping up in any form. *Don't worry if you don't receive any messages or advice the first time.*

  8. Repeat the ritual for as many days as you need to feel more connected to your intuition. 

  9. Extinguish the candle once finished, and feel free to reuse the candle for as many days as you are repeating the spell. 

Once again, I remind you that this takes time so be patient and don't give up if you struggle to get the amount of information that you're expecting going into things. This is a practice, so take your time!

So much gratitude,

Rev. Sydney Finn