Ritual 4: Rosewater Radiance

Day 4

Rosewater Radiance

For those times when you want to feel beautiful.

I'm back again with the fourth ritual of this series... and today's is all about feeling beautiful and adjusting the way you're seen in the world (without making any physical changes of course) this is all about perception.  

Now, the one thing that I didn't do for this ritual that I would recommend everyone else do before they even attempt this ritual is to get really clear on how you want to be seen and what beauty looks like for you. Take some time, even if it means you write everything out to get clear on what beauty means for you and how you want other people to receive you when they come in contact with you. I feel like this ritual would have been more effective if my intentions were stronger and clearer ahead of time. 

So after you do this step, then it's fine to dive into the ritual - there's no candles in this one, but there is some drinking water involved. Once again, I used some of the eclipse water from the solar eclipse in Leo this August, but that's not necessary for this ritual. You can use any old water that you feel comfortable drinking - and you really don't need very much - I used about 5 ounces of water.

In the original version of this ritual, it says "cast a circle around yourself" but I didn't do this and removed it from the instructions altogether. Instead, I adjusted it so that you're tuning into your body and grounding into yourself. Most people wouldn't understand what "cast a circle around yourself" means to begin with - so then it get's deeper into the how which simply isn't necessary for this. 

Now, since I didn't sit down and set an intention ahead of time, the biggest shift that I saw during this ritual was the feeling of how I want people to receive me. I was able to clearly feel into what it's like for someone else to be around me and then call that into my space.  

Similar to the nurturing moon ritual, I didn't feel a particularly intense transformation during this ritual, but I understand where and how this would be helpful, especially for those of you who are struggling with feelings of a tainted perception. But please remember, this works best when you have a clear intention before actually going into the ritual, so make sure you do some work around it ahead of time. 

Ask yourself: how do you want to be seen?

What you need:

  • bowl of water (make sure it's water you'll want to drink)
  • rose petals dry, or fresh


  1. Sit comfortably and take a moment to ground yourself.
  2. Place the petals in the bowl of water and stir clockwise 3 times. 
  3. Place a hand on your heart and take a few deep breaths in through your nose. Take a moment to forgive yourself for all of the harsh things you tell yourself, and for being hard on yourself. Forgive yourself for any mistreatment of your body, and for anything that is coming up for you.
  4. In the water's reflection, envision the energy of radiant beauty. What color or imagery comes up for you? What does radiant beauty look like for yourself?
  5. Visualize how you want yourself to appear to other people. (note: it's important for this to be intended in your current physical state - this is about current perception, not about once you make adjustments.)
  6. Imagine others receiving you as beautiful, radiant, vibrant, or however you want to be viewed. 
  7. With nurturing intent, repeat:

  8. "The beauty from within me flows outward now for all to see."
  9. Once you're finished, drink the water, feeling the healing inner beauty nourish every one of your cells. 

  10. Release the rose petals outside somewhere: a park, back yard, or some body of water. 

So much gratitude,

Rev. Sydney Finn