Ritual 8: Rosy Posey Love Charm

Day 8

Rosy Posey Love Charm

For the times when you need self love.

A quick disclaimer about this ritual, you do end up with a totem to keep with you so I recommend getting yourself a small piece of rose quartz. Wherever you like to keep totems is perfectly fine: your pocket, nightstand, purse, car, wherever you are able to be reminded of it regularly will work. I happened to find a small piece of rose quartz that is able to fit in my coin purse so that I'm able to see it regularly without it becoming a nuisance. 

This is the ideal ritual for you if you have lost touch with your self love, or you need a reminder that love is surrounding you at all times. This is something that you keep with you after the three days are up. Now, I'm keeping mind in my coin purse since that will allow me to see it regularly without sticking it in my pocket. 

The magic doesn't happen for this ritual until after the three days it sits under the moonlight. Once you have the totem, it works in a similar way that a mantra does. The rose quartz becomes your visual reminder of the intention that you set, so keep that in mind as you go into setting your intention. 

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

What you need:

  • rose quartz crystal
  • rose petals dry or fresh
  • shallow/clear bowl


  1. Sit comfortably while holding the rose quartz to your heart. 
  2. With conviction, repeat these words:
  3. "Moonlight and sunlight, please show me the way back to my internal love from which I stray."
  4. Place the rose quartz in the bowl and leave on a window sill or an area where it will absorb energy from the sun and moon. 
  5. Cover it with rose petals, and allow it to sit undisturbed. 
  6. After 3 full days, put the rose quartz in your pocket, purse, or on your bedside. 
  7. Keep this totem with you as much as possible. 

So much gratitude,

Rev. Sydney Finn