What the Hell is a Divination Tool?

No matter what type of psychic you go see, more than likely they use some type of divination tool. Yes, there are plenty of psychics who do cold reads, and straight up read the person (this is primarily what I do in my work as well). But even being highly intuitive, we occasionally need tools to help us see. 

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4 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Psychic.

Among my friends, I am known as the person that you go talk to when you want to know the truth. The actual truth, the truth that you know deep down in the core of your being but are terrified to admit to yourself. 

I take a great deal of pride being this person for others… and it also requires a lot of patience on my end. My friends only come to me when they are ready.

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4 Misconceptions About Psychics

Believe it or not, the way psychics (AKA: healers, witches) are portrayed on television and in books is not the way we are in real life. You know… they’re almost exclusively poor, dress in rags and will tell you your future if you lick their palm. Half the time they’re blind, crazy or both; and they always force the protagonist of the story into a radical life change. Allow me to bust a few myths for you.

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