4 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Psychic.

1. Relationships are hard. 

Among my friends, I am known as the person that you go talk to when you want to know the truth. The actual truth, the truth that you know deep down in the core of your being, but are terrified to admit to yourself. 

I take a great deal of pride being this person for others… and it also requires a lot of patience on my end. My friends only come to me when they are ready. Timing in these relationships is more important than in others - if I pop a question too early, or confront someone about their behavior before they are ready to hear it, then they are less likely to approach me with honesty.

It’s more challenging to hold back in relationships, and I see this with psychics all the time. Some appear to be hyper-emotional and take on more of a yin, watery approach. Yes, these people tend to be more emotionally expressive, and you may hear people say they "struggle to stay composed." Some appear to be very grounded, stable, and logical. I find that this type can slip in and out of manipulation quite easily - conscious or otherwise - and that poses its own set of challenges. Others are highly eccentric, and have a hard time holding back and channeling their zany behaviors. It can be overbearing in relationships, especially for people who aren't accustomed to the behavior. As for some, like myself, we’re considered "brutal." Hot tempered, and fiery - people are both drawn to the glow, but will just as quickly run screaming from it. 

I should mention that none of these types are bad or wrong, they just are. All of them provide some of the most amazing ways of expressing information, and with that, comes a lot of push back from those who try to silence us when we are in our full expression. Of course there are other types and yes everyone is different, but these are common themes that I see often in other psychics. 

2. We withhold… often. 

Just because we know things doesn’t mean that it makes sense to always confront people about what we know. Sure, some of us do… but then we risk losing friends, family, and other important relationships. 

Yes, sometimes I give into the impulse and make comments, but most the time, I have to let the information go, or transform it into something constructive. 

Take this story: about a year and a half ago, a good friend of mine decided to quit his job and go travel the world. I considered this to be a healthy decision on his part, and despite knowing exactly how it would play out, I kept quiet. I remained supportive, and let him daydream and play out his fantasies with me when we would hang out. 

One day, he asked me what I thought would happen, and I refused to answer. He pried, pulled, and was insistent on me giving him an answer, but I continued to tell him no. 

Deep down, my intuition was screaming, I knew the timeline of his travels, I knew his unconscious reasoning for going, I knew he would end up seeing an ex while he traveled (and no, this wasn’t a divine coincidence, it was because she’s codependent and lacks an identity), I knew why he would come back, I knew. I knew. I knew. 

So why did I withhold? I didn’t want to change the course of what would happen. I wanted him to just go have his experience and not focus on whether or not I was right. In the end, I was absolutely correct, and ended up seeing him again online. When I read his description of why he came back, it was as if I had written it myself. 

Ultimately, I made the right decision by keeping my intuition to myself. I’ve been spot on about this person for years, I don’t think that’s going to stop anytime soon. But my friendships are some of my most valued and sacred relationships. I would never want my intuition to get in the way of them.

3. We likely have a rocky past, or experience a particularly nasty “rough patch.” 

Some of us are born into terribly dysfunctional, abusive families riddled with addiction, guilt, neglect, and shitty communication skills. Take my family for example - a bunch of angry Irish Catholics who can’t wait to make you pay for hurting their feelings. Both my parents are addicts, and are highly intuitive (which shows up as severe mental illness for them both). These environments breed psychics - it forces you to put your intuition into overdrive at a young age, and only gets worse later on. 

Not all of us are born into chaos, but our gifts can get out of control if we don’t learn to harness them. Take for example, another personal anecdote. 

My “rough patch” was between 14-16 and included: 

  • dropping out of school
  • attempting suicide
  • multiple hospitalizations
  • having a negative reaction to antidepressants
  • one arrest
  • and homelessness (couch surfing as I playfully called it at 16)

Now… this is just one brief list of experiences, and I would consider it to be my “rock bottom.” This was also not long before I discovered my abilities. Since then, many other crazy, challenging, painful experiences have occurred, BUT the difference now is that I have a greater understanding of myself and how to handle the situations that come up. It also helps being of legal age. 

Obviously, the situations that come up are different for everyone, and “rock bottom” looks different for all of us. The point here, is that there are many times when we appear to be a complete MESS, especially as intuitives. 

4. People are frightened by our gifts. 

As I mentioned earlier, relationships are challenging to maintain thanks to a combination of expression, and ability to know things. The reality is that most people lie to themselves at a certain level. As information readers, and truth seekers, psychics are particularly scary. 

A great example of this is the psych ward at hospitals. Now, put away your biology degree for a moment, and consider what I’m about to say from an energetic standpoint, NOT a medical one. Many people who are mentally ill - even with severe conditions like schizophrenia - have a certain level of intuition, and are always in a state of information receiving. Similar to a radio dial flipping through all the stations, they can’t seem to stop the reception. 

I can’t tell you how many nurses hate the psych ward because of the things that the patients say. Why? Because the patients will say things that are dead on and could have no way of knowing. My point in sharing this with you, is that some of the most intuitive, sensitive people can be terrifying. 

If you have a relationship with an intuitive or psychic - or have gifts yourself - I hope this gave you more information and insight. I would love to hear about your personal experiences and relationships on social. 

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In Gratitude,

Rev. Sydney Finn