My goal….

Ethics, healing, and safety, safety, SAFETY! These days there are so many people who claim to be “spiritual” healers, while operating from a place that’s unhealthy, intrusive, lacks boundaries, and is sometimes downright dangerous. My mission is to end the trend of risky spiritual practices, and move toward empowering you to think (and believe) for yourself, feel your best, and maintain your power no matter what you’re going through.

My readings are supportive, flexible, ethical, safe, and enable you to maintain ownership of your crown chakra (the space where you think for yourself). These sessions are for your healing, benefit, and clarity.

One of my clients says it best:

As most people know, life is not easy. Life is filled with surprises, twists, transformations, and lessons. When I first contacted Sydney for a session I felt lost, confused, and out of touch with who I was. I was trying to figure out the meaning of my life and what the point of these tough life lessons I was going through were. After our first reading, I felt such relief and clarity as Sydney thoroughly helped me to understand the essence of my life. What I enjoy about the way Sydney offers help is she does not just give me the answers, but she helps me to understand what I am going through and why. She then offers advice and guidance on the best way to get the most value out of each lesson. She inspires me to take advantage of the life lessons I have signed up to learn, and fully immerse my being in them. With each session I have with Sydney, I learn to become more accepting and grateful of this life I have chosen to live. I tell Sydney all the time that I do not know how other individuals get through life without having someone like her as a guide. Life is confusing, but Sydney continually helps me make sense of it. I confide in Sydney for more than life guidance though, I ask her about love and manifestation as well! She has taught me so many techniques for manifesting that I use daily to attract abundance into my life. Sydney is also extremely down to Earth, and does what she feels is right. She is ethical, honest and trustworthy. She is actually the only psychic I fully trust. I believe Sydney’s ultimate goal is to help other individuals live their best lives, and she has truly added so much value to mine.
— DT

What to expect from a session with me

Maybe you don’t know what intuitive counseling is or if it’s a good fit for what you need. Let me provide some clarity on how the session will go.

  1. I’ll call you on the number you provide when you book your session (or get on the Zoom call we have set up) at your scheduled appointment time.

  2. I’ll start off with an energy check to get your chakras tuned up and get you clear and aligned energetically. (For first sessions, this takes about 10-15 minutes unless there are extreme circumstances going on).

  3. Now for your questions! This is where we dig into all the questions you have. Ask away, the sky is the limit here - if you’re not sure what you’re trying to ask or don’t know how to phrase it, I can help you figure that out along the way.

  4. During the session we can go over tools that you need, questions that you have, or if you’re wanting a tarot spread, you can request that as well.

  5. Finally, we wrap up the session with any final thoughts or questions, and restoring any energy you may have left elsewhere.

I recommend…

If you’re wondering what to bring to the session, this is what I suggest:

  • Bring your questions! While the energy check will cover where you’re at energetically, I want you to feel in control of where the session goes, and I will only look at the things you inquire about.

  • Avoid distractions! The session starts off with an energy check, and this does take some work on your part - through noticing your body, paying attention to the emotions that come up, and visualizations. Removing distractions (including note taking) will help you make the most of the energy check.

  • Be ready to play! A lot of the work that I do uses visualization and playful imagery to make it easier for you to shift your own energy. So put your kindergarten cap on and let’s get to playing!


1. Should I write down notes?

You are more than welcome to write down notes during the session, however, I find that you’ll likely want to take notes during the question part of your reading - not during the energy check at the very beginning. The reason being is that during the energy, you’re shifting it as we speak! So the very thing you’re trying to frantically scribble down as I’m writing will already change by the time we’re done. Energy is fluid, so it won’t be something you can read a month later and make sense of or apply to yourself. Being present during the energy check is a more effective way to use your session time - but feel free to take notes as I’m answering your questions!

2. What’s the deal with tarot during your sessions?

I’m happy to do tarot spreads during sessions if they’re requested, otherwise, you can get an email tarot spread here.

I use a lot of different tools outside of tarot during these intuitive counseling sessions. When I do pull tarot to get information for you, I don’t typically share each and every card because explaining imagery over the phone isn’t a good way to provide value in your session. To me, it makes more sense to give you answers and let you ask as many questions as you can during your session. But if you’re ever curious, feel free to ask - it’s your time and you can spend it however you’d like.

3. How long of a session should I book?

For first time sessions, I always recommend 60 minutes minimum. Energy checks (the first time) take anywhere between 10-15 minutes and sometimes longer if there’s a lot going on circumstantially. Many people who have booked a 30 minute session for their first time, find that this isn’t enough to answer all their questions, unless they only have a single question. You are welcome to book 30 minutes for a first session, but this isn’t recommended.