Welcome to the only partnership workshop you'll ever need

After helping countless people find and create healthy, happy, romantic partnerships and experiences, I've now decided to make this available to everyone! No matter what type of relationship you're calling into your space, this workshop covers all your bases. Are you ready to manifest passionate, loving partnership, a soulmate, or some hot sex? Maybe you have some limiting beliefs around receiving love, worthiness, or are struggling to move past old (or new) heartbreak. Whatever is calling you to take this workshop, you'll walk away with tools to help you manifest the partnership of a lifetime.

Before working with Sydney, I felt like partnership was unreachable for me. Since working with her on manifestation, I have busted through barriers that were keeping me stuck and am having success in dating for the first time in many years. I highly recommend working with her individually or in groups!
— Danielle

So what is this all about?

There are two parts to manifesting romantic relationships: clearing and creating. Day 1 is all about mindset, self care, forgiveness, and breaking through all the internal obstacles that prevent you from attracting partnership. Day 2 is about crafting your relationship and vision, mantras, using language to expedite your manifestation, and developing energetic tools to support you, as you attract more love, connection, and ultimately... partnership. 

Not only will you get to participate in this workshop, but you will get:

  • My manifestation workbook to guide you in calling these romantic opportunities into your space
  • A quick-look guidebook to help you remember the key components of manifestation language that will help you troubleshoot everything you attract
  • Fun rituals that you can do at anytime to support this process
  • A booklist filled with personal recommendations to both heal, and inspire hope around love
  • And the recorded version of this workshop so you can always go back to these exercises later

This workshop is two, 45 minute LIVE online sessions. The next session for this workshop is 9/30/17-10/1/17 (both days) at 11:00-11:45AM PST via Zoom. Do one or both of these times not work for you? No worries, each session will be recorded so you can watch them anytime!

For this workshop session, I am only accepting 20 people, so if you're ready to manifest your partner, then...


Breakthrough your belief systems

All of us have that annoying voice that we hear from time to time which makes us feel unwanted, unloved, or unworthy. Most of the time, these beliefs take time to work through and resolve; but once you find the awareness within yourself, you will achieve clarity and insight around how you can rewrite the stories you've been telling yourself. Belief is one of the biggest barriers when it comes to attracting healthy romantic experiences, and I'm so excited to give you the tools that you need in order to move beyond them. 


Craft your ideal partner

It's time to get specific around romance, and I'm here to help you with that... Creating a vision for your ideal partner, lover, and relationship is fun and exciting! During this process, many people need support when they confront their belief systems as they are in the creative part of manifestation. To give you the support that you need, I'll give you all of the resources before the workshop takes place so you'll be able to bring your manifestations with you, and fine tune them as you go!


Do you have questions? 

Fill out the form below with any questions that you have and I'll get back to you with answers! (Please allow at least one day for a response). 

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