Physical Healing

One of the biggest parts of my work is supporting people in connecting them with the right resources and practitioners that can support them, their physical body, and their healing. I firmly believe that physical healing IS a spiritual practice and divine responsibility. I’m sharing with you some of my favorite resources, practitioners, and bodies of work - none of these are sponsored in any way. As always, I’m just sharing some of my favorite resources with you - sending you lots of support on your healing journey.


Chris Kresser - Functional medicine practitioner, acupuncturist, author

Hands down one of the most influential people I’ve seen currently in the discussion of chronic illness and PREVENTATIVE healthcare. His focus is on reversing chronic illness and creating sustainable healthcare practices - I absolutely love and appreciate all the work he does including his Podcast - Real Health Radio.

Dr. Jolene Brighten - Women's health naturopathic medical doctor, practicing physician. Expert in Hormonal Birth Control Related Problems.

Attention ladies! You definitely need to give Dr. Brighten a follow. Any hormone related questions or issues? She’s got you covered. Struggling with birth control symptoms? She can shed some light on the topic. I am a big fan of integrative, whole picture healthcare and she absolutely gives a fresh take on how you can take control of your hormonal health without all the nasty side effects and half-ass “bandaids.”


When the Body Says No - Understanding the Stress-Disease Connection

By far one of the most important books I’ve read regarding stress and physical health as well as chronic illness and disease. This author did a fantastic job of highlighting the complexity of disease, and reflects that it’s not one factor, but a multifaceted manifestation.

Bob and Brad - Physical Therapists

Having muscular or spinal issues? Want to better support your body’s structures? These videos are extremely approachable and are my go-to favorites when I’m needing some at-home physical therapy… and with over a million subscribers, I know I’m not the only one!


Dr. Andrew Weil - Integrative Doctor

I am a HUGE fan of anyone who emphasizes the body’s ability to heal itself - and Dr. Weil does just that! There are no tools to rule out when it comes to his integrative approach and he focuses on individual healing, not one size fits all approaches.