Personal YouTube Video


Personal YouTube Video


Finally you’re able to get one of my infamous YouTube readings for YOURSELF! If you’re wanting to experience a full personal video version of my readings with all the snazzy oracle cards and even a personal 3 card pick, you’re in luck! This reading comes as an unlisted YouTube link straight to your email, and of course, it won’t be available to the public.

Currently, the covering all your bases reading is the only spread that is available for this service, but more options are coming. Everything from money and business to romance and friendships are covered here. Some of the cards will reflect advice, and others will reflect situations and circumstances... either way, you're guaranteed to get a lot out of this reading. You can use this spread for a time period as short as one month, or as long as one year. 

Base tarot deck:
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What’s included in this tarot spread:

  1. A YouTube link of your full video sent directly to your email.

  2. A surprise mix of at least 3 oracle cards, 2 tarot decks

  3. Choice of base tarot deck (the one used for the actual reading, supplemental oracle/tarot decks will vary)

Here’s a list of all the questions that this tarot spread covers:

  1. Your identity and how you're seen in the world

  2. Your material possessions, money, and resources

  3. Communication

  4. Physical living space and family lineage

  5. Recreation, leisure, and play

  6. Health, wellness, and daily routine

  7. Marriage and partnership

  8. Oncoming transformation

  9. Travel and education

  10. Career, passion, or the work you provide the world

  11. Friendships and community

  12. Intuition and spiritual practices 

  13. Final advice