What do you offer?

Spiritual growth and healing is never a one size fits all approach. Onyx Healing offers several different services, depending on your personal needs, you will be able to decide which one suits you best.

…so take a gander why don’t you…


Spiritual Advising and Healing

Everyone runs into situations from time to time where they feel lost. Whether you are uncertain of your next steps in life, are frustrated by a relationship, or struggling with grief, anxiety, or painful feelings, you will gain clarity, insight, and walk away with real-time applicable tools. Make sure that you come with questions, because you get to decide what we discuss. We start with some energetic healing, and then go from there! If you are looking to schedule a session longer than 90 minutes, go here and send a message. 


Perhaps you’re wanting to do some spiritual work on your own! You’re welcome to take a look at the meditations that are available for you. These are designed to support you along this spiritual journey, help you connect to God/The Universe/Higher Power, and heal.