Who is she?


Were you ever the weird kid who sat in the back of the class ? Me too.

Did you ever have big dreams that just didn't work out as planned? Me too. 

Have you ever felt like you were drowning in dysfunctional relationships? Me too. 

Ever loved an addict? Me too. 

Have you ever been rejected by your parent(s)? Me too.

Did you ever feel stuck - like you would NEVER get out of your situation? Me too. 

Have you ever hated yourself? Me too. 

...you get the idea. 

Life is full of pain, full of struggle, full of chaos, unexpected twists and turns, burning, building, contracting, expanding, learning, growing, peaks, valleys, and everything in between. 

It took years of this chaos - being broken time and time again for my gifts to finally come to the surface. An incredible woman, evenutal mentor, entered my life and changed it forever. She showed me that I am not "crazy," I am not mentally ill... I am psychic.

I do call it a gift, although at times it has its burdens. I have the gift of sight, and I'd like to share my gifts with you.

Regardless of whether or not we end up working together, I truly hope to give you a seed of hope that this is not the end.  

Our past does not define us. Our damage does not define us. Our pain does not define us. 

You are here and you have a purpose, regardless of your personal resistances. Navigating this planet may be a crazy ride... but that's where I come in. I offer clarity. I offer insight. I offer hope. 

In gratitude,